Augmented Reality Week: String AR Showcase

May 7, 2013 by

The next few weeks I will be going over some augmented reality apps.  Don McMahon (@inclusivetrkr) and I collaborate on many projects and we are currently finishing up a piece called “Augmented Education: 50 Teacher-Friendly Ways to Use AR in the Classroom”.  I thought I would preview a few of these tools throughout the rest of the month.  Please feel free to let me know of other AR tools that you use and how you are using them in the classroom.

Augmented-Reality (AR) allows you to take a real environment and overly virtual or augmented information on top of it.  Like most things, it is a concept best seen rather than explained.  AR can be very powerful and engaging tool for learners and I encourage you to allow your students to start trying some of these apps as they can be a lot of fun and very effective for learning.

String AR Showcase is a “marker-based” AR app which simply means you have to download and print a marker from their website before you can begin.  There are four different photos to choose from and multiple ways to use String AR in your classroom.  At a very basic level, you could use String AR as a reinforcer for positive behavior.  However, you could also use String AR to teach sight words by having Proto (below) walk to certain words, you could use the sneaker marker to help students in a fashion or design class create shoes, you could use the scrawl marker with art students to create virtual sculptures.  AR is the next wave of apps coming to our classrooms- have your students discover some of them and try them out!

Click on the image to take you where you can see him in action!

String Boffswana



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