ATC Mania

Apr 30, 2013 by


ATC Mania is a line-draw air traffic control game for your iPhone, iPod or iPad.  I think it could be used as a great first 5 minute game for math or physics classes depending on the content of your lesson.  The game features:

✔ Three Maps (more coming soon)
✔ HD graphics (incl. particle-systems) with retina- and full iPad-support
✔ steady frame rates with 60 FPS on most devices
✔ Full “Game Center”-support

While I am not sure exactly how to do it, I am sure you could find a way to relate the game to your content.  If nothing else, you could start with the game and then introduce how the weather and other conditions could alter landing a plane.  Have your students check it out and let me know!

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